Belva is now in open beta!

Making phone calls for you, with AI.

Our phone-calling AI is here to transform the way you communicate with the world. Just state your objective and watch our AI make the call for you with live transcription.

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Meet Belva's Envoys: AI phone-calling assistants

From appointments and reservations to solving customer issues, let our envoys handle it for you.

Watch the call happen live

Monitor your active calls by viewing transcripts in real-time, or review the saved transcript to collect information from the call.

Get off the phone & let our AI do the talking.

Describe a task and your envoy will take care of it. No more wasting time on meaningless calls or repeating yourself to multiple customer service agents. Example objectives:

  • Order me a large pepperoni pizza for pickup
  • Call my friend Jessica and and see what she wants to do this weekend
  • Get me a quote from this moving company going from CA to FLA
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Tired of wasting time on phone calls?

Belva's phone-calling AI is here to make your life easier. With our advanced conversational capabilities, we can handle the calls you don't want to make.

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