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Intelligent operator & Enterprise Inbound & Outbound

AI calling tools to help automate your business

Intelligent Operator: Belva’s Intelligent Operator will intake your calls and determine where to send callers based on your business’ specific instructions and preferences. Think of our Intelligent Operator as an AI receptionist, that can answer inbound calls, address general inquiries or transfer the call to the best endpoint.

Enterprise Inbound/Outbound: Our Enterprise Inbound/Outbound calling feature offers seamless inbound and outbound capabilities, enabling you to effortlessly define your calling objectives. It allows for automated data extraction from calls and provides customizable routing instructions based on your preferences. Whether it's gathering customer feedback, processing incoming orders, or engaging with website visitors, our AI calling feature is designed to streamline your communication efforts.

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On Hold

We cannot wait to release the upcoming On Hold feature, designed to revolutionize your phone experience. With this innovative capability, our AI can seamlessly wait on hold for you and call you into the conversation at the desired moment. Whether you're a business or an individual, this feature eliminates the need for you to spend precious time waiting on hold. From navigating complex phone trees to repetitive human processes, Belva's On Hold feature will deal with it for you, allowing you to spend that time in more beneficial areas.


We will soon be launching Belva's API, giving developers the power to leverage our AI phone calling technology in their own apps. This opens up countless possibilities for enhancing customer service and communication workflows. We look forward to you joining us as we unlock a new era of innovation in phone calling solutions.